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Cohen & Sales, LLC is a law firm based in Waltham dedicated to the practice of real estate law.  Our residential real estate practice includes assisting clients in the purchase and sale of real estate, including advising clients regarding title issues, their rights and obligations pursuant to the purchase and sale contract and under Massachusetts law, and preparing, reviewing and explaining closing documentation.

We also advise clients and prepare documents needed to achieve condominium conversions. We represent buyers and sellers in Boston and its surrounding suburbs. If you are thinking of taking advantage of today’s hot real estate market by buying or selling a home, please take a moment to review this page, then contact us to see how we can help you.

Why do we choose to practice real estate law?

We founded our law practice on a realization that too often, people of modest or moderate means are not able to afford the highest quality legal services in the market.  Often this results in inadequate or no legal representation during the most critical legal moments of peoples’ lives.  Buying a home is one of those moments. Buying a home is, for many of us, the largest financial transaction of our lives. At the same time, we recognize that a home is more than just a financial investment.  For many of us, it represents the place where we take refuge, watch our children grow, and create family memories that last a lifetime and provide us with profound meaning in our lives. We at Cohen & Sales, LLC are driven by the desire to make the purchase (or sale) transaction for your home safe, stress free and enjoyable.  Whether your are of modest, moderate means or more, we promise to help guide you safely through your real estate matter at reasonable and fixed attorney’s fees that provide you with great value.

What can I expect from the purchase process?

When a property owner decides to sell his or her home, he or she generally lists it with a real estate agent. Then, often after the property is listed, a potential buyer will make a formal offer (“Offer”) which is accompanied by a deposit to bind the transaction. The property seller will then formally accept the “Offer” in writing, and that written document becomes a binding contract to sell the property, committing the buyer and seller to the transaction. The buyer and seller then will negotiate a Purchase and Sale Agreement (“P&S Agreement”), which once finalized will become the legally binding agreement, committing the buyer and seller to the transaction and setting forth the rights and obligations of all parties.

Why do I need a lawyer?

Buying a home is, for many of us, the largest transaction of our lives.  After all, how often do we purchase something for $200,000, $300,000 $500,000 or more ??  How often do you deposit tens of thousands of dollars of your money into escrow?

Cohen & Sales, LLC has almost 40 years of combined attorney experience representing clients in all types of real estate transactions.  We have been advising our clients on how to safely complete a real estate transaction while minimizing or eliminating the risks involved.  We will guide you to avoid the legal pitfalls associated with a real estate transactions. The extra cost of retaining our firm now can save you money and stress in the future!

Remember that the “Offer” and “Purchase and Sale Agreement” are written contracts that legally bind the parties to the transaction. Although the documents may seem clear on their faces, they may contain provisions that are unfavorable and create liability for either party. Having an experienced lawyer review, negotiate and prepare the documents will ensure that you are fully informed about your rights and obligations, and could protect you from possible litigation resulting from ambiguous or unclear terms.

Why can’t my real estate salesperson or broker advise me?
An experienced real estate salesperson or broker can be very effective in helping you to achieve your goals in today’s real estate market and is a very important part of your real estate “team.”  However, your salesperson or broker is not allowed under Massachusetts Law to provide you with legal advice. When you are negotiating the P&S Agreement, there are many issues that may come up of a legal nature. With an experienced lawyer to help you sort through these issues, you will make the most informed decisions possible.

What if I am not using a broker?
In today’s market many people choose to buy and sell property without the assistance of a real estate broker. If you decide to take this route, Cohen & Sales, LLC can assist you in every phase of the process, providing you not only legal advice but also guidance regarding your obligations which are normally met by the broker.

Please review what some of our clients have said about our real estate services:

You Have Been Wonderful to Us…

My wife and I recently used Sol Cohen as our attorney for our first home purchase, and let me just say, we could not have completed the process without Sol’s expert knowledge, patience, and thorough approach.

We had a very tricky and drawn out closing process and Sol was always happy to answer any of our questions (in easy-to-understand detail) and was always accessible by phone or email.

I always felt that he was looking out for our best interests only, which is a good feeling, considering the amount of people involved in these types of transactions.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or seasoned in real estate purchase and sales, I would absolutely recommend Sol Cohen’s legal services. I plan on using Cohen & Sales in the future, whether it is to refinance or in other real estate related transactions.

Steve S.
Boston, MA


Above and Beyond… Five Stars!!

I recently used Sol Cohen as my attorney in my first home purchase. The transaction was particularly difficult and he worked very hard to make my closing happen on the scheduled date (even when our lender had told me it was going to be rescheduled).

As a first time buyer, it was very important for me to have an attorney who was accessible, able to answer my questions and explain the process. Sol did all that and more going above and beyond what I had expected.

Sol and his paralegal, Laura, worked tirelessly on my closing – even staying after hours to complete the closing documents. Sol has his client’s best interest in mind and gives wonderful advice. I definitely plan to use Sol again for any real estate closings and I highly recommend his service. Five Stars!!

John B.
Billerica, MA


I Recommend Them Without Reservation

I have been an active real estate broker in the Greater Boston area for the last ten years. Over that period of time I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many real estate attorneys. Of all of the attorneys that I have worked with, most of whom are quite competent, there is none that I feel more strongly about recommending to my clients than Cohen and Sales. The combination of accessibility, intelligence, hard work, and trustworthiness truly makes them stand above the competition.

I recommend them without reservation.

Craig F.
Melrose, MA

Levelheaded and Easy to Work With…

I have worked with both Jessica Sales and Sol Cohen on real estate closings and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a real estate attorney.
For the last few months I have been working with Sol on back to back closings (sale and purchase) and he was very responsive to me, the mortgage lender and my broker. My mortgage lender said he is great to work with. My broker said he is very levelheaded and easy to work with. By the end of the several month long transactions and paying everyone from brokers to construction workers to inspectors to movers etc., Sol Cohen was the only person who more than earned his money.

I highly recommend both Sol and Jessica — they are great to work with.

Amanda K.
Essex, MA

Our Real Estate Services Include:

  • Explaining All the Documents You’ll Sign at Closing
  • Establishing Title to the Property
  • Reviewing and Revising the Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Scrutinizing the Closing Documents
  • Ensuring that All Documents are Properly Executed and Delivered at the Closing
  • Making Certain All Proceeds are Properly Accounted For and Paid Out
  • Advising on Contract and Home Inspection Issues
  • Recommending Financing Options
  • Recommending the Appropriate Real Estate Broker
  • Prompt Communication Throughout the Entire Process


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